Close Your Eyes and You’re Dead

For WR101 Prompt Series Terrifying Thursdays’ Prompt #8 – “Don’t Close Your Eyes”

“Don’t close your eyes, close your eyes and you’re dead,” belying the threat in the Trey’s voice as it was whispered calmly against Luke’s neck. The puff of air causing the hairs there to stand up at attention. Shivering at the sensation, Luke strained to keep his eyes wide open and on the thing in front of him. Luke had not even seen it until Trey grabbed him from behind and whispered his warning. Scanning the darkness, Luke saw a shifting figure in the shadows.

Not blinking was becoming an issue as he tried to keep them open wide in this atmosphere. “Can I-” Trey hushed Luke when he started talking. Swallowing around the lump forming in his throat, Luke licked his lips before trying to speak in a softer tone this time. “Can I blink. Do-” The creature reared it’s head back and towered to it’s full height.

His breathe came out in shorter spurts as the creature slithered closer. Luke could hear Trey breathing harder as the creature’s full length came into view. It’s tusks were razor sharp and glinted in the low light. The beady eyes were transfixed on Luke. With a singular purpose, the creature came closer and closer.

Trey tugged on Luke’s sleeve. “We need to go. Now!”

Luke would not -could not- budge from his spot. The creature was starring into his eyes. A grotesque grin on it’s monstrous face with drops of saliva dripping out of it’s mouth as it stood face to face with Luke.

Luke could barely hear a shuffling as Trey tried again in vain to drag Luke behind him. “Luke! Just step backwards,” Trey’s booming voice commanded Luke.

The thunderous voice of Trey finally filtered through to Luke and he snapped out of his stupor. He inched backwards as slowly as he could while still staring at the creature. For every step he went back, the creature came forward just as fast.

“Trey?” Luke could still feel Trey right behind him.

“Keep on coming Luke we can do surv-”

“No, we can’t.” Luke whispered, “You can.”

“Luke no! I will not abandon you.” Trey viciously yanked on Luke’s arm again and tried to drag his whole body.

“I am not giving you a choice.” The finality in Luke’s voice was palpable. “I am going to close my eyes and you are going to run for your life. That is an order.”

“No! I won’t let you do this. We can make it.” Trey’s voice cracked.

“Run or I will come back from the dead to kill you myself!” Luke spat his words out. Luke stopped. There was no use in him running now. “I will count down from five.”

Luke reached back his hand slowly with his palm open. The warmth Trey exuded filled Luke’s hand as they grasped each other.

“I love you.” Trey brought Luke’s hand up to his mouth and kissed the open palm. Luke could feel fat tears drop onto his hand. He took deep breathes as he tried to calm himself.

“I know.”




2 responses to “Close Your Eyes and You’re Dead

  1. Wow, the tension was palpable – my own eyes are aching from soaking up the words. That was terrifying, and what a sacrifice. Loved it! Thanks for participating 🙂

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