Camp NaNo Day 9: Write-Ins

(Oops forgot to post this yesterday because of the whirlwind that is my life.)

Camp NaNoWriMo hosts virtual write ins via Youtube. During the write in, two of the interns at NaNoWriMo hosted a livestream where they hosted word sprints and gave writing prompts to all those who were watching. 

If you like to commit to communal writing then the virtual write in would be for you. The whole video lasted an hour and even if you missed it life you can still view it and all past ones online. 

There is just something about working beside hundreds of others who are also trying to hammer out a story in month. It adds excitement to writing and can even help you see your work from a new angle. 

The girls were funny, nice, and they participated in the write in as well.

The great thing about participating in word sprints or even word wars for an hour is that if you are determined you can get upwards of 1000 words under your belt in just an hour. Sometimes I am able to finish my daily requirement of words by just participating in these.


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