Camp NaNo Day 8: Cabin Fever

The cabin system in Camp NaNoWriMo is a great asset to your novel in a month sprint. Choosing the right cabin could be the difference between a finished novel and a waste of a month. I had not realized when I started out that you could drop out of the cabin you were in. Not only can you just drop the cabin you were randomly added to, but you can search in the forum for a better one. 

Looking for the right kind of cabin will be completely up to your preferences. If you want a quiet cabin where no one really communicates then just get a random one. Apparently it is normal for the randomly sorted cabins to be filled with those who either do not really write or do not really talk.

What you really should consider is joining a private cabin. While you will still run the risk of joining a cabin you will end up disliking, you will have a better chance at finding the perfect cabin. Basically, by searching the forum or even posting in the cabin looking for cabin mates you can find the perfect cabin mates. It does not matter if you are looking for a similar age group, sexuality, genre of writing, all of these criteria can be fulfilled by the many writers seeking companions. 

Yesterday I decided to switch out of my randomly assigned cabin because it was not giving me what I wanted out of it. A quick trip to the forum gave me numerous options for cabin mates. All I had to do was consider what I really wanted out of my cabin and whose criteria I would fit. 

It has only been one day but I definitely enjoy this cabin more than I had the other one. We all are dedicated in writing and all seem to be keeping a good pace to finish by August. Everyone talks all throughout the day and we have word wars and sprints planned in the future. It was a good move to seek out a new cabin, I only hope that other people can find cabins with constructive companions.


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