Camp NaNo Day 7: Word Sprints

Oddly enough one of the biggest helps to my creativity so far are the word sprints that are held on twitter. I was trying to understand why out of all the tricks and methods I was trying to employ to get myself to write, this worked the best. In just a twenty minute sprint I was writing three times as much as I had when I would try and pull any words out of me. 

During Camp NaNoWriMo, they have an active twitter account @NaNoWordSprints. On the account they invite writers to participate in word sprints. Word sprints are a select amount of time, such as 10 minutes or 30 minutes, where you have to constantly write and attempt to reach a word goal. Nothing about the word sprints is set in stone and it is really laid back. You get congratulated if you only write 100 words or if you wrote 1000. The community is really supporting at NaNoWriMo and this is just another facet to their community. 

One of the great things about @NaNoWordSprints is that they give you optional prompts. If you have been slaving away at trying to get any words written, I recommend checking out @NaNoWordSprints on twitter because they can be a lifesaver. 

For me, participating in the word sprints has been the only time I could consistently write. Just dropping everything and focusing on writing as many words as you can in a short amount of time has worked wonders for me. In fact, I am constantly checking to see when the next word sprint is so that I can participate and get some writing done. 

A downside is that even though they have a team of twitter users maintaining the account, someone cannot be there all the time. During the off times though, you can check out the #NaNoWordSprints tag and participate with others. 

I think that the word sprints work so well for me because it is unlocking my competitive instinct. It is a race and I need to get to the finish line or else I have lost. It really is a lot of fun and I have significantly raised my word count through the word sprints. My muse will definitely be sad to see the word sprints go. Hopefully it will be maintained outside of NaNoWriMo and Camp NaNoWriMo because it really is a lot of fun.


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