Camp NaNo Day 6: Choosing My Writing Totem

Like many others who are starting out I am still trying to find my stride. So far I am at a good pace, but this may be because I had a couple of thousand of words written before signing up for the Camp. Each day so far I am learning something new that will hopefully aid me in finishing my novel in time. 

Today I learned about having a writing totem. A writing totem is an item that will work as a symbol that represents your inner writer. You bring out your writing totem when you are wanting to become serious and put on the role of writer. Keeping it with you as you write can help you get in the mindset you need to buckle down and finish your novel. 

Many writers use a writing totem. I have heard of a lot of people using a stuffed bunny because it is the literal symbol for a plot bunny. By connecting the presence of your bunny with the action of going through your creative process you will be able to unlock your writing potential at the drop of a hat. Or really, in this case, by looking at a cute, stuffed animal. 

I feel like this practice is trying to visualize your spirit animal or your patronus in order to get through your writer’s block. 

So now I need a writing totem. I do not really have any stuffed animals except a giant panda bear. I cannot really keep the giant panda bear with me as I write because it would take up my whole desk. It would probably cause a reverse reaction where I would not be able to write at all. However, I do have a couple of little figures to choose from. I have a little stuffed ball Hulk, a lego Loki, a mini Mewtwo, and a Mordin Solus action figure. 

Interestingly enough, without knowing what a writing totem was I have actually used two of those like that. I have use the Mewtwo and the Loki to stare at me and judge me as I suffer from writer’s block or just procrastinate. Having a figure with a glare works wonders at guilt tripping me into working. 

I have decided that every day, until I decide, I will try out a different writing totem. Whichever inspires me the most will be the winner and crowned WRITING TOTEM OF SHELLEY! 

It is a pretty prestigious award. All the others will be jealous. 


One response to “Camp NaNo Day 6: Choosing My Writing Totem

  1. An interesting concept. I’ve never come across it, so thanks for sharing. I love the idea of a lego Loki – I have a soft spot for Thor and his brother 🙂 I don’t have a totem, but I have a huge wipe board full of diagrams and notes – maybe I can draw a picture somewhere and claim it as my inspiration!

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