Ginny the Genie

For the Daily Prompt: Generous Genies

Ginny the Genie has found freedom from her enforced servitude and she is left wandering the gritty streets of Las Vegas with three spare wishes.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: A Prelude to actual wish giving because this was turning into a long story.

The metal bands that had been seared into her very skin were gone. She was still left in her overly skimpy outfit, that had no place in the present world. The sheer fabric chaffed against her skin as her walked at a brisk pace. Bringing her arms up to hold herself against the cold, she made her way to an unknown destination with naught a care about her surroundings.

Ginny the Genie had served her time. A millennia of granting wishes to those who rubbed her lamp. But not anymore. She was free. No more fulfilling superficial wishes for the vain and jealous. No more jumping through hoops for the vindictive and power hungry. No more glassy-eyed looks from her lucky patrons. Ginny was her own genie.

Wandering down the streets of Las Vegas, Ginny huddled within herself in order to keep warm. Never before had she been worried about dying, but now she was. A soft breeze ghosted across her bare midriff causing her to shiver. Random men and women were yelling at her and making rude gestures in her direction.

Her eyes started tearing up as she continued down the dark streets of the city of sin. In the past when she had felt threatened or endangered she would retreat to her lamp and be safe come Hell or high water. Now everything was different. 

She still had three wishes she could grant, but this time they were hers. 

Many a time had passed where Ginny had witnessed the people who had rubbed her lamp go insane with greed. By the time they would get to the third wish, they would all be trying to weasel more wishes. It was never enough to have three wishes, but they needed to have everything given to them on a silver platter.

Ginny did not want to be like these people.

Maybe that was the point. Maybe she should not be selfish and greedy like all the others and she should give her wishes away. Ginny grinned as she formulated her new plan. Helping others freely would be so much more fulfilling, especially if it was for someone who did not demand to be helped. 

Now Ginny had a skip in her step as she excitedly searched for someone to help. 



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