Writer Behind the Curtain

I am Shelley Hardgraves and I am a writer. Well at least I try to be a writer, it does get difficult at times when the muse doesn’t sing or I am too lazy to lift my hand. I do not exactly have a genre niche as of yet, though I enjoy writing mystery, science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction and so on. 

I write on several platforms. I write for Squidoo under FallenRobin. On there I write book reviews, informative pieces on random things such as rabbit care or insomnia. I have even been known to help with last minute Halloween costume ideas

Another place I write is on AO3 for fanfiction. I hoping to step it up though and finish a novel to be published on Kindle Worlds. 

Now on top of writing in those areas I am attempting to write and publish my own novel. I have signed up for NaNoWriMo for this exact reason. Right now I am participating in Camp NaNoWriMo but I am working on fanfiction and not my original novel. The original novel that I have planned is for November. 

I will use this blog to update on my writing process, write and share articles that are useful for writers, and whatever will take my muse’s fancy. 


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